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nsitive Wide Range Sensor--Distance of 10ft and illumination angle of 270Atilde;?, integrated design of PIR motion sensor and night sensor, which provides wider illumination range and longer sensor length.Three Type Sensor Mode--Medium Light Mode, Dim Light Sensor Mode, Sensor Light mode.Fast Charging Long Working Hours--Over 10-hour working time after fully charged under direct sunlight. Higher Photovoltaic Efficiency----5% higher than that of the poly-silicone panel.Easy usage and installation--Three Easy Installation Steps, Drill a a quarter inch hole in the wall, and insert the attached plastic anchor into the hole , Twist the screw into the plastic anchor, Hang solar light.IP65 Waterproof--These ASGTRADE solar powered lights are made of high-impact ABS and with IP65 waterproof can easily withstand all terrible weather, such as rainstorm, snowstorm, extremely hot weather. Heat/Frozen resistance testing prove it is a heavy-duty light

Country of Origin: INDIA

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