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This portable laptop stand is made of Plastic, and the high-quality components make the bracket more stable and long-lasting. The stand can be fordable and packed in suitcases, backpacks, and even handbags, making it ideal for home use. It is also convenient to transport, making it suitable for all modes of travel. Multi-Angle Adjustable Design Laptop stand provides 6-speed adjustable height, adjust to comfortable operating angle based on your actual need; Ergonomic design makes for health working, relieving neck, shoulder, and spinal pain. Smart Design The design of the stand gives your laptop the space to cool off resulting in an elongated life of the battery and other components. The non-slip silicone mats ensure the stability of your device. Heavy-Duty Material Machined from anodized Plastic along with the sandblasted and brushed process, the laptop stand gives you a great performance and long life. Corrects Posture The stand helps you get the right posture and let you work for long hours without any discomfort. It ensures that your back does not get affected by a long sedentary regime.

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