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💥 Perfect kitchen cooking gift and easy to use The mandolin slicer is the perfect new home and wedding gift. You can use it as an apple slicer, onion cutter, potato slicer, salad cutter, vegetable slicer, dicing machine, etc. Great wedding registration project.

💥 Safer and more user-friendly design - The push rod design of this food chopper can prevent hands from touching the blade. The top handle has a twist and lock function to fix the blade. The two knobs on the back of the vegetable slicer can adjust the blades, and the rotating dial can adjust the cutting thickness. More importantly, this mandolin slicer has 4 rows of non-slip suction cups on the feet to prevent slipping. Using these safe kitchen gadgets can shorten your preparation time and bring you more fun.

💥 30+ different cutting methods and multifunctional food slicer The kitchen mandolin slicer has 30+ slice options. Slice, dice and shred in any thickness. Rotate the rear dial of the vegetable cutter to select an adjustable thickness of 5-8 mm. This mandolin slicer also offers shred, matchstick and slicing options. The mandolin slicer professionals are good assistants in your kitchen.

💥 Easy to clean and store The chopper can be safely scrubbed with a cleaning brush. Please note that the blades of the vegetable slicer are very sharp. Please use the cleaning brush to clean the residue on the pressure plate and blade. It is best to squeeze and rinse with a tap. Then dry the vegetable cutter and fold it up. The compact design can be folded up for easy storage. Please do not directly touch the palm to chop and rinse by hand or put the chopper in the dishwasher!

💥 Upgrade high-quality plastic is not easy to break - Use upgraded high-quality BPA-free plastic for the vegetable cutter. All vegetable slicers and shredders are made of food-grade non-toxic materials. No need to worry about plastic fragments. The high-carbon stainless steel blade is sharp enough to cut most kinds of vegetables and fruits. Rest assured to provide healthy meals for your family.

💥 Space-saving: The specific dimensions of every single part.

The vegetable chopper is collapsible. All the components can be taken off after using.

💥 Simple Assembling - The right way of assembling and the size of vegetable cutter.

💥 The white lock catch plays a role as fixture for the hopper.

💥 The small notch for holding feet in position.

💥 Only by rotating one big knob can choose any thickness you want from 0 to 8mm

💥Two exquisite knobs control the shape of food, strips or julienne.

Strips: Strips are of uniform size just right for French fries.

Slices: One of the most excellent functions of our mandolin is to cut food into pieces of over 40 thicknesses. The thinnest slice is close to 0.2mm. The thickest slice could be 8mm.

Dices: Cutting food into dices is another excellent function of our unparalleled mandolin slicer.

Julienne: Finely cut Julienne of various veggies can be easily gotten in daily life .Even you are a green hand in kitchen.

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