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Whole Areca Nut (Pooja Paan Supari or Betel Nut), 500 gm Grade A Supari. This is RAW Supari, not roasted. Can be used for religious purposes. Often used as a mouth freshener, as a digestive and as a refreshing additive to the traditional Paan. Simply Good Food!!! The betel nut is an integral part of the daily or ritualistic Pooja. It is also popularly used in the age old-custom of Indian eating. The supari is symbolic of the nut of the ego that must be offered on the altar of God. It represents the hard, coarse qualities that must be surrendered to God, leaving only the soft, pure qualities. Mostly symbolic the Supari is many a times traditionally represented as the Nine planets (in the Navgrah Pooja) and takes the form of Deities like Brahma, Surya and others during different Poojas. The betel nut can also represent a human being.

Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
Packaging Type: Pouch
Quantity (gm) : 500.0 (in grams)
Quantity (kg) : 0.5 (in kg)
Country of Origin: INDIA

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