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TONE MUSCLES AND BUILD STRENGTH AT HOME - No more waiting to start and plan to hit the gym; entire workout at home; easy to carry still high resistance and sturdiness! EFFECTIVELY LOOSE WEIGHT -Chrome stainless steel spring; it keeps resistance high and Tension evenly; the FitPick Single spring Tummy trimmer not only helps loose fat but also build strength and endurance! The strong coil-built handle and foot pedal keeps balance and maintaining sturdiness. 45 MINUTES A DAY KEEPS YOU STRONG AND LEAN - FitPick tummy trimmer works on all muscles; entire body could be targeted to lose weight and build muscles; as tension level is high it engages all muscles and maintains its quality. FITS ALL BODY TYPE - FITS UP TO 6 FEET and 100 KG Humans; FitPick Tummy trimmer is small and easy to carry; still fits most body type; thanks to wide contoured pedals and Handle; So if your home is ready for an unobtrusive Fitness equipment that fulfill all your fitness needs; the FitPick is the Tummy Trimmer you were looking for today. FIT PICK PROMISE - Lose weight and tone Muscle at the same time; easy to carry; fits all body type.

Country of Origin: INDIA

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