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👉 New Touch Led Light Nylon Dog Leash | Pet Walking Traction Rope 👈

A Retractable Pet Leash You'll Never Regret - Flowing RGB light makes your dog walking experience fun and eye-catching at night. Simply switch the button on the strap to LED lamp mode which makes you see things at distance .

One Button Brake & Lock Safety System - Simply hold the leash by the handle and the durable, smooth retractable mechanism will keep the leash snug, giving you full control and allowing instant retraction of your dog when needed. Strong and durable nylon webbing that can be extended till long

Non-Slip Soft Handle: Made of TPE flexible glue and super comfortable grip for longer rides. Added Bio Clean material that prevents bacteria from growing due to sweaty palm. The leash offers the best dog walking experience, gives you maximum freedom while under your control.

Double-sided RGB streamer light ring, touch as you like. High-precision shaft core, U-shaped rope outlet is safer, no rope winding at 108°.

3M rope length, free control of distance. One-key lock to prevent pets from sprinting.

Soft rubber arc-shaped handle, using soft rubber, fits the hand holding posture.

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