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💥💥 New creative mini fan, the stability speed, low power consumption! compact, stylish appearance and lovely, portable design. Directional use, wind direction can be adjusted up and down.

💥💥Adopts the design of large size turbo, the wind was strong bottom with small drawers, placed in the crystal beads, also can add other essential oils, perfumes. USB battery dual-purpose design, which can be connected to the computer USB power

supply, mobile.

💥💥 Phone charger, power adapter or battery, convenient, suitable for indoor and outdoor use! A full set of configuration and a fan body, pulling the drawer, a packet, a USB power line. Creative DIY infinite

💥💥 Flavoring oil, perfume can be used in aromatherapy. summer with toilet water can be smoked mosquitoes.

💥💥 Add ice / ice water can be obtained after cold wind, the wind oh. add alcohol disinfection can be anti-virus (note the explosion-proof oh).

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