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💥 One-Button Start Air popcorn popper is convenient and simple to use. Just put the corn kernels into the popcorn air popper according to the measuring cup, start it with one button. The 1200W hot air popcorn popper allows you to enjoy delicious popcorn after 3 minutes.

💥 Portable & Compact The popcorn maker air popcorn popper does not take up any space. Hot air popcorn maker small can appear in the kitchen, office, outdoor and other places to meet all your needs


💥 Damp Cloth For Cleaning Hot air production does not require oil, which means cleaning is very easy. You only need to prepare a damp cloth to wipe the hot air popcorn machine, and then dry hot air popcorn with a dry cloth. The popcorn maker machine has an easy-to-remove top cover and a convenient measuring cup while helping to clean.

💥 Variety of Flavors You can choose to add your favorite flavors, delicious and healthy you will have at the same time. You can choose to add melted paste or salt to maintain the traditional taste, You can also choose to make other flavors, such as: chocolate, sugar, cheese, sea salt, coconut oil.

💥 Hot Air Turbine System - No need for excess saturated fat. The latest upgraded turbine system of the air popcorn popper machine can quickly and evenly heat the corn kernels, speed up the blasting speed, and reduce the number of unpropped corn kernels.

💥 Easy to Make - You only need to measure a portion of the corn kernels with a measuring cup, pour the corn kernels into the popcorn machine, press the one-key switch button, and you can have healthy and delicious popcorn.

💥 Easy and Convenient -This small popcorn maker is easy to operate, children can use it safely and make healthy and delicious snacks by themselves; you can also make healthy snacks by yourself and share popcorn with your friends at movie night.

💥 Healthy and delicious Low - fat and delicious, all-natural, no salt or artificial flavors. Of course, if you want to eat more delicious snacks, you can add some butter or salt and seasonings after the corn pops. It is a family cinema, movie night, entertainment venue, apartment, Ideal for offices, universities.

💥 Service and Support - We only provide you with the best quality popcorn machine here. If you need any help, please contact us, we will provide you with professional customer support at any time!

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