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Push-pull acrylic transparent screen The mobile phone screen amplifier has a push-pull structure, which can effectively protect the screen when not in use, easy to operate and portable. In addition, the highly transparent acrylic screen has the effect of protecting the eyes. 12-inch zoom function A mobile phone screen amplifier with a large 12-inch screen can magnify the mobile phone screen 3-4 times. The screen is bigger and the viewing experience is better. Stable mobile phone holder The silicone pad not only prevents the phone from slipping, but also protects the phone from scratches. Foot support A phone screen amplifier with a foot stand can raise the phone screen amplifier for a better viewing angle. Foldable structure Mobile phone screen amplifiers can be folded into ultra-thin shapes, compact and easy to carry. Application range Mobile phone screen amplifiers are widely used in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, travel, trains, etc.

Country of Origin: China

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