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Relieve your aches and pains with Cold Ice Packs. Helps relieve pain associated with bumps, bruises, aches, cramps, headaches, sinus pain, swelling, and joint pain. Fill bag 2/3 full with ice and cold water and then securely screw on cap. Place directly onto affected area. Features: - Ease muscles and joint pains - Lightens pains, aches, and soreness - Great for headaches - Easy screw-top lid - Soft exterior fabric is flexible and conforms to the body - Leak proof How to use: 1. To loosen and remove the cap turn it counter-clockwise. 2. Fill the ice bag two-thirds full with either cold tap water, ice water, crushed ice, or ice cubes. 3. Turn the cap clockwise until it is secured tightly on the ice bag. 4. Turn ice bag upside down and firmly press on the bottom to test for leakage. 5. Apply to desired area. 6. Condensation may form on the outside of the bag. Wrap the ice bag in a soft towel to protect the skin and to avoid condensation accumulation. 7. Apply ice bag for 20 to 30 minutes (maximum) at a time. Continue to reapply after injury. Wait one hour between applications.

Country of Origin: INDIA

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