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ROYAAL™ Set of 12 Spiral Cable Protector It is designed to effectively protect any type of charger cable ranging from all kinds of smartphones and computers to USB-powered devices. It has more applications than you can imagine. Just twist around the cable and it wraps easily, and you don’t need to worry about the cables being easy to be damaged anymore, neither needs to spend your precious time on repairing them. Features: Size: 9.2 X 35 mm 2 PAIRS IN DIFFERENT Colours Easy to differentiate different cords, and quickly find which cord you need from messy cables. Standard size for wide usage Can be applied to protect your Charging cables, cell phones, computers, laptops, mouse cables, etc. Flexible silicone Made of heat-resistant silicone, which is highly flexible and bendable. Protect your cables well. Its internal diameter is compatible with any standard charger cable in the market. ...Read Less

Country of Origin: INDIA

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