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High, Nutrition: Andramarts Broken Cashews Are A Great Source, Important Minerals And Vitamins Like Magnesium, Copper And Healthy Fats, Preservatives: Andramart Ensures Every Single Solitaire Whole Cashew Nut, Any Preservatives And Additives, Guaranteeing You Premium And Fresh Quality. Healthy Fats: Solitaire  Whole Cashews Are Naturally High, Healthy Fats That Your Body Needs, Maintain Stay Fit. These Healthy Fats Are Also Beneficial For Your Skin And Hair. Healthy And Quick Snack: Because Cashews Keep You Full For Longer, They Are An Ideal Healthy Snack For Weight Loss. Versatility, The Kitchen: Solitaire  Whole Cashews Are A Kitchen Staple, They Have Multiple Uses; They Can, Used, Salads, Desserts, Pasta, Vegan Treats And Many More, Making, Extremely Versatile. High, Fiber: Solitaire Whole Cashews Are High, Fiber-, Essential Nutrient That Helps With Your Digestive System And Overall Health. Protein Rich: Like Most Other Nuts, Cashews Are A Great Source, Protein, Particularly, You Are A Vegetarian. The Abundance, Protein Along With Other Essential Nutrients Are The Reasons Why You Should Eat Almonds, Cashews And Pistachios: The Three Types, Nuts You Need. Premium Quality: With Andramart, You Can, Sure That You Are Buying The Best Cashew, India At, Affordable Price. Andramart Assured That All Their Products Are Non-Gmo Verified, Gluten-Free And Fat-Free With, Added Preservatives -Being A Healthy Treat For Your Entire Family. Specialty :Cashews, High Protein, Gluten Free. Storage Instructions :Store, A Cool And Dry Place, A Air Tight Container.

Quantity (gm) : 1000.0 (in grams)
Quantity (kg) : 1.0 (in kg)
Country of Origin: INDIA

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