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Different color-coded push-up board targets specifics muscles worked (blue: chest, red: shoulders, yellow: back, green: triceps). Burn calories and build strength with this innovative push-up system, leading you to regulate and train your whole body strength. Abs 9 in 1 Color Coded Bracket Board Push Up Bar Training Rack System Body Building Fitness Exercise Tools for Unisex. The heavy-duty push-up board system with multiple positions and angles can help you shape and maximize the definition of the upper body. Portable, simple assembly and storage. It is convenient for training use. Simple fitness tools- the grip helps to distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure points and joint strain on the wrists and elbows. Non-slip: Advanced anti-skid oversized handle, ergonomic design, easy to use, easy to assemble and easy to carry.

Country of Origin: INDIA

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