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EXERCISER TOOL: Say goodbye to chubby cheeks. Place jawline Exerciser in your mouth, and simply bite down repetitively to train the 57+ muscles in your face and neck. It will eliminate fat deposits from your chin and cheeks effectively. Our jaw and neck exerciser made out of food grade BPA free silicone; proudly made right here in the USA. jawline Exerciser one of the strongest muscles in the body pound for pound: the masseter muscle. This jaw exerciser amp; neck tightening devices is made of high- quality material and free food grade silicone to ensure safety. Our double chin reducer consists of the same material as a baby pacifier. The polyurethane bite strip allows a custom shape for your mouth, allowing you to easily adjust the shape and oral cavity. Enhance Your Jawline and Say goodbye to double chin, Perfect Jawline exerciser and loose facial muscles. Look Younger and Better with A Chiseled Jawline. This Jaw Exerciser will strengthen your face. Look younger by using our Jaw

Country of Origin: INDIA

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