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Get Rid of Cable Clutter in Blink of an Eye - Tired of dealing with cluttered cables in your bag, purse or pockets? We were too! This is why we designed this retractable USB cable organizer to keep your cords and cables untangled while helping you keep everything organized.

Easy to Use And Practical - Our automatic cord winder is as easy to use as it gets. Simply clip your cable, pull towards yourself and release. That's it. You can windup any cable within the cable management reel in one move making it easy, fun and practical to use daily.

No More Tangled Wires - Our cable management retractable winder is helps you achieve what you never thought possible, tangle-free wires! automatic cable winder effortlessly and quickly winds up your cables to eliminate tangled cables from your life for good.

Suitable for Most Types of Cables - headphones and charger organizer uses an innovative design along with a sturdy and robust body to help you efficiently wind and organize your USB cables, charger cords, headphone cords, laptop chargers, network cables and more.

Make Cables Travel Friendly - Carrying long tangled wires can make traveling harder than it has to. Using USB cable winder you can safely roll up almost any cable and carry it in your pocket, purse, desk, briefcase or laptop bag for on the go use without taking up too much space.

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