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💥💥 Airpod Cleaning Pen & Mobile Screen Cleaner Spray Combo 💥💥

💥 The new designer cleaner pen is for Bluetooth earbuds, in-ear earbuds, from the small hole of the earbuds to the charging compartment, 360 degree cleaning without dead ends, so that your earbuds stay clean and hygienic.

💥 Ease to Use: Push the switch upward to expose the pen nib. The Metal Men Nib is used to clean the stubborn dirt in the gap of the machine, and The Brush is used to clean the granular dirt of the machine. the switch is pushed down, and The Flocking Sponge leaks out, the flocking sponge is used to clean dust and stains.

💥 Highlights of product: with spraying and rubbing,It is easy to carry with its size of a lipstick ,it is soft for its super fiber cloth and do not hurt the screen, the decontamination ability is strong, It can be used repeatedly, it can be used after cleaning and drying.

💥Functions: cleaning, disinfect, antistatic, degreasing ,Remove the oil and fingerprint, Scope of using: Currently using for cellphone/ tablet PC/notebook PC/indicator/television screen.

💥Character: Faint fragrance, No alcohol, Non-toxic harmless, do not drop hair color, a spray a wipe, convenient and practical.

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